Installing Accurx Desktop on multiple PCs in your organisation

How to get Accurx Desktop on multiple PCs

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Installing Accurx Desktop

Accurx Desktop needs to be installed individually on each PC you want to use it on. To install Accurx Desktop, please click here (for EMIS organisations - the download link is on page 4 of these instructions).

To save some time, you can save this download file to your organisation's shared drive. You will then need to access the file and complete the installation manually on each PC. Accurx Desktop will install for all users across each PC. 😊

EMAS manager (EMIS organisations only)

Remember that you'll need to activate all your staff in EMAS manager, as per these instructions. You can do this for all the staff in your organisation in one go - these settings get pushed out to all PCs in the organisation, so it doesn't need repeating for each computer.

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