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Why is Accurx Desktop asking for my computer location?

Why Accurx Desktop asks for computer location and extension number

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When Accurx Desktop does not know the location of the computer it is on, it will ask you to enter this information. It only ever does so once per computer:

This is so that we can start to help you find where your colleagues are in your organisation - a feature that we are currently working on!

Editing your computer location/extension

If you wish to edit your location or extension you can do this using the menu by clicking 'edit' next to 'This Computer'

To view all installed computers and their locations:

1. Click your initials

2. Click 'Manage Organisation'

3. Click 'Installed Computers' on the web page that opens

3. Here you can see all of the installed computers

We will eventually be adding in a feature which will show you who is in what room in your organisation!

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