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Accurx Desktop is stuck on "Loading" or "EMIS is loading"
Accurx Desktop is stuck on "Loading" or "EMIS is loading"

What to check when Accurx Desktop gets stuck on "EMIS is loading"

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This message appears when Accurx Desktop detects that EMIS is opening.
If you get this message when EMIS is already open and it does not go away (or if you get this message flashing on and off), it usually means that an EMIS process has crashed in the background.

To resolve this:

  1. Go to your Task Manager (Control+Alt+Delete)

  2. Select Task Manager

  3. Click on 'Processes'

  4. Select any visible EMIS processes

  5. Right click and click 'End Process' or 'End Task'

Then restart EMIS and check if Accurx is now working.
If this does not resolve the issue please restart your PC.

If you're still having issues after restarting, please get in touch with us using our chat service and we'll be happy to help!

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