Working at more than one practice? No problem! Here's how to use Chain across them.

1) Log in to your existing accuRx account

You can use your existing accuRx account across many practices - no need to make a new one. Just log in as usual to the toolbar, and remember you can always use the Forgot Password function if you need it. 

Not installed at your new practice? You can go to our website and click Get Chain to get started there).

2) Check the organisation ID in Chain matches the ID of the practice you are logging into in EMIS. 

You'll need to switch this each time you change Practice. To do this you need to:

a. Go to your menu (initials icon) and select settings

b. In the organisation ID box type in the ID which is across the top of EMISWeb

c. Close Chain and restart it by double clicking the desktop icon

3) [First time set-up only] Check that you are enabled in EMAS manager at the second site

Follow these instructions to do this. If you don't have access to EMAS manager, you can ask someone who does to do this for you - the settings get pushed to all EMIS instances in the practice, so it will apply on your PC. 

This will only need to be done once for each practice you work at.

Done! You should now be set up to use Chain, and you should see all your practices listed under Manage Practice.

If you have any problems you can get in touch with a member of our team here

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