Accurx Desktop: How to log in

Help with signing in to the Accurx Desktop toolbar for EMIS and SystmOne

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This article talks about logging in to our Accurx Desktop toolbar for EMIS, SystmOne and Vision organisation. If you're from a secondary care organisation or NHS trust, you can log in here!

If someone else is logged into the Desktop toolbar, click on the menu icon to the right of the message icon and then "Logout".

When no user is logged into Desktop, the toolbar looks like this:

If you click on the orange person icon on the right, a pop-up will appear that allows you to sign in like this πŸ‘‡:

2. You can choose to sign in with your password or a magic link. (Please note, you will need to have created an account with Accurx if you haven't already done so)

a) To log in with a password:

Enter your NHS email and password and click the blue button that says 'Sign in'

​b) To log in with a magic link:

Click the white button that says 'Email me a link to sign in'. Enter your email and then click 'Email me a link to sign in' again. This will send you an email:

Click the 'Sign in to Accurx Desktop' link.

​Your email must be on the same PC as Accurx Desktop for the link to work. Doing it over your phone will not work.

After signing in your toolbar should look like this:

Once you are signed in, your Windows account will remember you and will keep you logged in unless you are away for two weeks.

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