This article talks about a feature of our Accurx Desktop toolbar.

With Accurx Desktop, you can create a customised sender ID. This allows you to change the name that the text appears from on a patient's phone to your organisation's name.

By default, we set this to 'GPSurgery', but this setting allows you to set it to your organisation's name:

You can monitor this on the 'Team Usage' page, from 'Manage Organisation' on your toolbar menu.

How to set your sender ID

  1. Open the Accurx Desktop menu by clicking on your initials and clicking 'Manage Organisation'

2. Click "Sender ID"

3. Here you can change your Sender ID

*The ID must be 3-11 characters (letters or numbers only), with no spaces. This is a limitation set by SMS networks. It may therefore be worth abbreviating your surgery and have it end in GP if you want your patients to know it is from a GP practice.

For more help please see the video below:

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