This article talks about our Accurx Desktop toolbar for EMIS/S1 organisations.

If there is no name against your Accurx account, the first time Accurx Desktop syncs with EMIS Web, it takes the name from here. This means if someone else is logged into EMIS the first time you use Accurx Desktop, it can incorrectly attach this user's name to your Accurx account. If you click your menu, you would see your email address, but someone else's name above this.

It's very quick to change:

1. Click the menu icon (your initials) in your Accurx Desktop toolbar

2. Click on your email address which will appear just below this:

3. This will launch your account where you can edit your name.

4. Click save at the bottom (and you can close your browser)

5. You may need to restart Accurx Desktop to see the change. You can do this by clicking your initials, then Exit, and then restarting from the desktop icon or start menu.

If you click the menu button (your initials) you should now see your name correctly displayed.

If you have any problems using this feature you can get in touch with our team via the chat bubble in the corner 😊

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