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Self-Book: Specifying a Clinician
Self-Book: Specifying a Clinician

Below are some of the FAQs about our new feature, allowing users to specify which clinicians a patient can book in with.

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When sending a Self-Book invitation to your patients, you'll be able to specify one or more clinicians that you would like the patient to book an appointment with. If you use this option, the patient will only be able to view appointments available for the clinician(s) of your choice.

This feature enhances continuity of care, giving you greater control of the appointments you offer, and supports patients who need to see a specific clinician about ongoing care.

Below, we’ll answer some of the frequently asked questions from our users!

Frequently asked questions 💬

Will this feature apply to all individual Self-Book messages?

To be able to restrict the booking to specific clinicians, select Specific Clinicians when sending a Self-Book link. You will then be able to select the clinicians from the list.

If you want to show all available clinicians for the selected slot type, please select Any Clinician.

What will this look like for patients?

Patients will not see the names, gender or role of the clinician. Patients will select from all of the available appointments for the clinicians selected, but will not see which clinician the appointment is with.

If you want to specify to the patient that the appointment will be for a specific clinician, you can mention this in the message containing the Self-Book link.

Will I be able to restrict patients to book with a single clinician?

Yes, you will be able to choose from a list of clinicians. If you would like them to book with a specific clinician, then you would just need to select this clinician from the list.

Will this feature be available in Batch Self-Book messages?

Currently, this feature is only applied to individual Self-Book messages. Based on your feedback we will consider expanding this to batch Self-Book.

How do I ensure the session holders are correct?

If you want to review your appointment book to ensure that the session holders are correct:

In EMIS: Right-click on the session → select ‘Session properties’ → Select the search icon by Session Holders → Select your staff member and click ‘Ok’.

In SystmOne: Right-click on the session → Select ‘Administration’ → Select ‘Change Staff’ → Use the drop-down to assign a staff member as the session holder.

I have a clinician who isn't showing up

If you have a clinician who is not showing up on the list of clinicians to book appointments with, please get in touch with support using the green message bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of this page 👉 with the following details:

  • Org ID and national code

  • User identifier (Emis username or SystmOne username)

  • Date and time of the appointment

  • Slot type of the appointment

  • Site name of the appointment

Feedback 📣

We want to gather as much feedback as possible from practices about how you find this new addition to Self-Book. This will help us prioritise future product improvements with your thoughts in mind, so all we ask is that you send out lots of booking links and send us any feedback you have!

To share your feedback, you can either drop us an email on

If you run into any problems, please reach out to us on the live chat using the green message icon in the bottom right-hand corner of our website.

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