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Accurx Web: How to send Batch Messages
Accurx Web: How to send Batch Messages

Step-by-step guide on how to use Batch Messaging in Accurx Web

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This feature is currently only available for select trust users

What is Batch Messaging?

Accurx Batch Messaging allows you to send the same text message or a questionnaire to a group of patients at once. This saves you time typing out individual texts if you're sending the same message to many patients.

There are currently 2 types of batch messages you can send:

1️⃣ One-way SMS message with the option to include an attachment

This one-way SMS message does not allow recipients of the message to respond. This is useful for a broadcast message regarding the cancellation of a clinic.

2️⃣ Questionnaires

Questionnaires allow you to easily request information from a group of patients at once. This is useful for validating your waiting list, sending triage questionnaires, or gathering patient-reported outcome measures.

Patient responses are delivered straight to your Accurx inbox and you’ll be notified on your NHS email. Alternatively, you can download a report of all responses from Accurx.

Automatic reminders to respond to the questionnaire will be sent on the 3rd and 6th day (from the time of delivery) to patients who haven’t responded.

How do I send a batch message?

1️⃣ Click on the “Batch message” button in your navigation panel to the left of the screen, then "Send new batch"

2️⃣ Next you’ll have to upload your list of patients whom you want to contact. These are the options to do this

  • Import patient details from an existing CSV file created in Excel or similar. Your CSV file should contain two columns detailing the NHS number and Date of Birth of your patients. Here’s an example below 👇

  • To import from a Patient List you have saved, you'll be prompted to select a list you're involved in.

  • To input patient details, copy and paste these from another system, please click on the drop-down How does this work? for more instructions.

3️⃣ You'll then be taken to "Review patient list", once you've confirmed the intended recipients click "Continue".

4️⃣ Compose Message.

You can now compose your message. You can choose to use a template or questionnaire. You can also attach a file if you are sending a simple SMS.

If you are sending clinical questionnaires, you will be shown that patients have 7 days to reply. They will be sent reminders on day 3 and day 6. You will also be shown the team that the responses will be assigned to.

Selecting “Now” will send the batch message immediately. Alternatively, you can also choose to schedule the message for the next working day at 8am

5️⃣ Press "Send to..." at the bottom right of the page to move forward.

6️⃣ You will then be shown the Overview page and you will be able to View Sent Messages.

If your messages have the 'sending' status this means there are still some messages where we are waiting for delivery confirmation before we mark the batch message as 'done'

If you have any other questions at all, please chat with our support team by clicking the green message icon in the bottom right 👉

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