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SMS costs: How to be more fragment efficient
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How can I use Accurx to help reduce unnecessary fragments?

There are a few measures that your organisation can take to help reduce the number of fragments used through Accurx. These include…

  1. Use the ‘send to email’ 📩 function on the Accurx Toolbar. Sending emails to patients is completely free of charge and can be especially useful for sending documents. Here’s some information on how to email patients using Accurx!

  2. When sending a Batch Message, try to reduce the length of the message and ensure the messages are relevant to the cohort targeted. NHS Digital research has shown that citizen engagement with messages falls if they receive too many messages that are not relevant to them.

  3. Use Batch Self-Book instead of accuBook for your COVID-19 clinics 💉. Batch Self-Book allows you to send out a booking link in Batch Messaging for your patients to book directly into your appointment book, and is much less fragment-heavy than accuBook. Here’s some more information on how to get set up!

  4. Shorten the links you send out to patients, including in your organisation's templates ✂️. Several online tools can help shorten links, e.g. Bitly or TinyURL.

  5. When sending out mass updates to patients, e.g. on organisation closure or updates, consider other ways of delivering this information such as on your organisation's website, phone message set-up, or social media 💻

  6. Ensure the patient’s mobile number is correct and up to date before sending a message, as undeliverable messages still incur a cost ☎️ If your message has already failed, check whether the number is still active/correct.

More detailed tips and tricks below 👇

See the articles below for top tips for reducing fragments when sending SMS messages via...

If you still have any questions or concerns, feel free to chat with us using the green message bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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