If you are a SystmOne user or an EMIS user in Wales and your CSV file fails to upload for a batch message, you may need to check that the Date of birth column is in the correct format. 🧐

To get started,

  1. Open the CSV file using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

  2. Select the Date of birth column by clicking the letter referring to that column. In this example photo, you would click the 'B' and the column will be highlighted.

  3. Select 'Format' then 'Number' and then 'Custom date and time' to edit the format of the Date of birth.

If you are using Microsoft Excel, right-click on the highlighted column and select 'Number Format'.

4. Select "Custom" and click the DD-MMM-YY option. It should allow you to manually change YY to YYYY in the "Type" textbox.

5. Once this has been completed, you can save the file as CSV and it is ready to upload. You now have your list of patients to send a batch message to. Follow these instructions to send a batch message to your patients!

If you have any other questions, chat with our support team here! πŸ‘‰

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