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Self-Book: How decline works for patients when using Batch Self-Book
Self-Book: How decline works for patients when using Batch Self-Book

Learn how patients can decline appointments with Batch Self-Book

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When sending out a batch of invites, you can choose whether you'd like patients to be able to decline their appointment invite.

If you choose to enable this, the patient will be able to decline via the link in their invite text message. If the patient does decline, a SNOMED code (chosen by you) will be automatically added to the patient's medical record.

What will patients see?

After the patient clicks on their link, they will see two options: "Book an appointment" or "I don't want this".

If the patient chooses to click on the "I don't want this" button, they'll be asked to confirm their identity (by entering their date of birth) before they can confirm they want to decline the appointment invite.

How do I enable patients to decline their appointment invite when using Batch Self-Book?

When sending out invites to a cohort of patients with Batch Self-Book, there is an optional setting that you can choose to switch on to collect declines for a particular cohort of patients.

STEP 1 - Allow decline in "Decline Settings"

After you have composed your Self-Book invite message, you'll see a section called "Decline settings" underneath.

Click on the toggle next to "Allow decline"

STEP 2 - Edit your "Decline message"

You can change the "Decline message" if you'd like to.

What is the decline message?

This is a message that appears to patients before they confirm that they want to decline the appointment.

πŸ’‘ Tips when customising the Decline message πŸ’‘

  • We recommend you include the name of the appointment to make it clear to the patient exactly what they are declining

  • It is also important to let the patient know what will happen if they decline so they can make an informed decision

  • An example for flu - If you don't want a flu vaccine, we'll stop sending you invites to book one this year.

To customise the decline message, click into the white box with the default message in it and change, add or remove any wording.

STEP 3 - Add a SNOMED code

Choose the SNOMED code that you'd like added to the record when the patient declines. This will be automatically saved to the patient's record if they choose to decline the appointment invite.

If the decline SNOMED code you're looking for is not available, you can request it with our Decline SNOMED request form here πŸ‘ˆ

We aim to review these requests every month and any additions will be uploaded into Accurx 🌟

STEP 4 - Send your Batch message

Click on "Add a patient list" and finish the rest of the normal steps to send out your Batch of Self-Book invites.

How does this save to the medical record?

When a patient declines an invite, a note will appear in the message thread, this will automatically save to the record and it will not notify the users in the toolbar πŸ‘‡

If we fail to save the decline to record we will notify users in the toolbar and you'd have to save this manually πŸ‘‡

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