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Self-Book: How to use Self-Book for Face-to-face Appointments
Self-Book: How to use Self-Book for Face-to-face Appointments

An overview of how Self-Book works for inviting patients to book their own face-to-face appointments

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What is Self-Book?

Self-Book aims to save organisations time by reducing the manual steps involved in booking patients into appointments.

Using Self-Book, organisations can choose which patients a require face-to-face or telephone appointment and send these patients a unique link via text.

Invited patients will be able to choose a time slot and day that they are available and, once chosen, they are booked directly into the organisation's appointment book without the need for the patient to call the surgery πŸ™Œ

How Self-Book works for face-to-face appointments

1. When sending a text message to a patient with Accurx, organisations will have the option to add a booking link for the patient to use to book their own appointment.

When adding the booking link, they will be asked to choose which slot type that they would like the link to book the patient into.

🌟 Note: Self-Book can also be used to invite cohorts of patients to book into a face-to-face appointment. Find out more here. 🌟

2. Invited patients receive a text message with a unique (and one use only) link, which expires after 7 days. Once they click on their link, they can choose a time slot and date that they are available for their appointment (up to 6 weeks in the future) πŸ“†

3. Patients are automatically booked into the chosen slot type in EMIS or SystmOne


What's the difference between Self-Book and other Patient Facing Services? (e.g. NHS App/Patient Access)

Self-Book works differently to other patient facing services. With Self-Book, only specific patients that are sent a booking link by the organisation will be able to book. Patients don't need to create an account to use Self-Book and they will not be able to book into any slot type other than the specific slot type the organisation selected before sending out the booking link.

Can I use Self-Book for Telephone Appointments?

Yes, find out how you can do this here!

Can patients reuse the link for a different appointment?

Patients cannot reuse the link

Can I send Self-Book links with Batch messaging?

Yes, find out how here!

Can we send booking links for specific clinicians?

Why can I see slot types in the dropdown that I don't want patients to be able to book into?

All slot types that are in the appointment book for the next 6 weeks will show in the dropdown. Patients will only be able to book into the slot type selected by the organisation before sending the booking link.

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