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Accurx Web: Record View SMS Template

You can send your patients an SMS via our template to let them know that their record is available for NHS professionals to view.

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If your practice has enabled Record View, you can let your patients know that their records are available for other NHS professionals to view, with their permission. You can do this by sending a template we have created for you with the following leaflet attached for your patients to read. This will save your practice time by reducing the number of requests sent to your practice for information found in your patient records.

If a patient knows that other NHS professionals can view their record through Record View, then they can let them know when they receive care by a non-GP. This will reduce the need for the non-GP to contact you asking for a copy of the patient's GP record.

⚠️ Patients aren't able to view their own records using Record View; only NHS professionals can do so.

How can I let a patient know about this feature?

(Note: you can only access this template if your practice has enabled Record View)

  1. Select the message icon on your Accurx Desktop toolbar

  2. Select message templates

  3. Select/search for "Record View" from the dropdown of templates

  4. Select send

How will Record View save me and my colleagues time?

This will reduce the number of referrals you have to send to other NHS professionals to view your patients’ records. If you've enabled Record View, other healthcare professionals will automatically be able to ask for their patient’s explicit permission to view their record, through Accurx Web. Patients will receive a code that they can give to the NHS professional, skipping the need for the healthcare professional to request the patient's record from you.

How secure is Record View?

Record View is secure. It meets the IG standards of National Bodies (NHS Digital, NHSX, and National Data Guardian), and was developed in consultation with the NHS’s former National Data Guardian, Dame Fiona Caldicott. You can read the full correspondence here.

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