1. Head to the 'All patients invited' page

2. Filter by 'Awaiting response - 1st' (circled in red) and click "Apply filter" (circled in blue).

3. You'll need to make sure that no other filters are selected in order to 'select multiple patients'.

4. Navigate to the patient(s) that you want to cancel invites for. You can also select multiple patients, either by choosing 'Select all', or clicking the tick boxes for multiple patients that appear at the right of the patient details.

4. From here, click 'Cancel invites' (circled in blue) in the top bar to cancel for all selected patients. You can also cancel an individual patient's invite by clicking 'More', and selecting 'Cancel invite' (circled in red).

5. You will see this message appear. Click 'Bulk cancel invites'.

6. If you are cancelling multiple invites, you'll see this screen appear. Please don't close this page while your invites are being cancelled.

7. Once all of your invites have been completed, you'll see this confirmation screen, with a summary of everyone who has been cancelled. You can now return to the patient list page by clicking on "Back to all invites list".

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