❗ Automatic reminders will be sent at 10am on day 1 and 2 after the original invitation was sent, if the patient has not yet booked in. After that, you can send reminders to all patients you've booked with a mobile number. You can only send a reminder once every 24 hours. ❗

1️⃣ Head to the Invite patients and manage bookings page

2️⃣ Filter by 'Awaiting response - 1st', and/or 'Awaiting response - 2nd', and make sure no other filters are selected then 'Apply Filter'

3️⃣ You can 'Select all', or select multiple patients individually

4️⃣ For individuals: select Send reminder next to their name.

For multiple patients: select Send a Reminder, at the top.

5️⃣ You can preview and edit the reminder text message

6️⃣ If you're sending multiple reminders, you'll see a progress bar appear. Please do not close the page while these send, as they will not be completed.

7️⃣ For multiple reminders, you'll get a summary of who was sent a reminder. Anyone who has been sent a reminder in the last 24 hours will appear under 'Failed'.

8️⃣ Your reminder(s) has now been sent, and you can see a confirmation of sent reminders in the 'Details' section of each patient.

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