accuBook: How to send booking reminders

How to send reminders to your patients individually or in bulk, to nudge them to book in for their vaccination.

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❗ Automatic reminders will be sent at 10am on day 1 and 2 after the original invitation was sent, if the patient has not yet booked in. After that, you can send reminders to all patients you've booked with a mobile number. You can only send a reminder once every 24 hours. ❗

1️⃣ Head to the Invite patients and manage bookings page

2️⃣ Filter by 'Awaiting response', and make sure no other filters are selected then 'Apply Filter'

3️⃣ You can 'Select all', or select multiple patients individually

4️⃣ For individuals: select 'Send Reminder' next to their name. For multiple patients: select Send a Reminder, at the top.

5️⃣ You can preview and edit the reminder text message

6️⃣ If you're sending multiple reminders, you'll see a progress bar appear. Please do not close the page while these send, as they will not be completed.

7️⃣ For multiple reminders, you'll get a summary of who was sent a reminder. Anyone who has been sent a reminder in the last 24 hours will appear under 'Failed'.

8️⃣ Your reminder(s) has now been sent, and you can see a confirmation of sent reminders in the 'Details' section of each patient.

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