Please read this article before continuing to make sure our first version of multi-site will work for your set up.

❗️Before you add a practice to a new site, keep the following in mind❗️

  • Their already invited patients will count towards your capacity allowance

  • As soon as they accept, your site will show to their patients to book into, so make sure there’s availability before adding more practices

  • You can’t pick and choose which clinics show to patients - once a practice is invited to your site, patients can see all published clinics to book into

1. For each designated site, head to the 'Vaccine sessions' page from the Manage practice page

2. Add the ODS codes of practices that want their patients to have the option of booking into this site (you can now add ODS codes to multiple designated sites).

If you are doing this for multiple designated sites, each ODS code will have to be individually added to each designated site.

3. Each participating practice needs to head to the new page 'Accept delivery site requests' to accept the invitation to join a new designated site (they will see they have Pending requests, as shown below):

4. From here, they need to approve the pending approval request:

5. As soon as an ODS code has been approved to join a designated site, their patients will then be able to see all of the published clinics and book into any of them.

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