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Booking an appointment using an Accurx link
Patient Support: How to book your COVID-19 vaccination via
Patient Support: How to book your COVID-19 vaccination via

What to do if you've been sent a text to book your vaccine

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We're Accurx: a software company that GP practices and other healthcare providers use to communicate with their patients. We're being used to invite patients to their COVID-19 vaccinations. We're NHS-accredited and an approved supplier.

When your GP practice is ready to invite you, your unique link will start with and should look something like this:

This link will allow you to book your vaccination appointment as requested by your GP practice and their 'delivery' sites:

  1. Enter your Date of Birth

  2. Select which delivery site you would like to attend

3. Click continue and select a 10-minute appointment slot

4. You will then receive a confirmation text of your booked appointment πŸ‘

I'm struggling to access my link

If you don't have a smartphone or are having trouble using the link on your phone, you can visit this page:

Here you can type in the unique code in the box and it will take you to your link πŸ‘‡

What now?

You can reuse this link to cancel your appointment afterwards if you need to reschedule.

Your practice will be in touch in due course for you to book the second of your two vaccinations. Please try to avoid calling them unless you're having a lot of trouble, as GP practices are currently overloaded with calls.

I'm worried about the safety of this link

It's completely understandable to be wary of clicking on a link you've been sent. This article walks through how you can check we're legitimate and shows you our listing on the NHS website.

If you still have any questions or concerns, feel free to chat with us using the green message bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of this page. πŸ‘‰

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