The national contract with NHS Digital and NHS England has been signed, and we can now start taking orders through that, rather than through direct purchases.

Here's how your local vaccination centres can start using accuBook.


  • Fill out the accuBook signup form.

  • The Accurx team will contact the leads for vaccination sites and onboard them.

  • We'll handle the rest with NHS Digital.

Is the solution assured?

Accurx's vaccine booking solution - accuBook - has been assured by NHS Digital. At the time of writing, it is the only centrally assured appointment management solution.

How is Accurx paid through the national contract?

License fees - paid centrally

Accurx will be paid per appointment confirmed, once you've booked 10 confirmed appointments and if you've not raised any major issues with the service. Accurx submits this usage data monthly to NHS Digital for reimbursement.

SMS costs - paid locally with some central reimbursement available

NHS Digital have stated that a £2m national fund will be available for ICSs and PCNs to claim back the SMS costs incurred by using the solution. The process for accessing this funding is described on the FutureNHS platform here.

When you order accuBook for your area, we will set you up to pay SMS costs directly.

The costs are calculated as follows:

  • For orders covering a population of <100k patient population SMS costs are 1.85p per fragment with direct debit or 1.95p without.

  • For orders covering a population of >100k patient population SMS costs are 1.85p per fragment.

A fragment is 160 characters of SMS text. An average Accurx text is 2.3 fragments long.

We'll share more information about the process for claiming back SMS costs when this is confirmed by NHS Digital and NHS England.

Additional resources for onboarding

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