accuBook: How to manage invites & appointments

How to review the status of patient invites, and cancel invites and bookings

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Once you have sent invites to patients, there are lots of things you can do to get patients booked in.

You will see the invites are in the following states below:

Booked - 1st: Patients who are booked in for their 1st vaccination.

Booked - 2nd: Patients who are booked in for their 2nd vaccination.

Awaiting response - 1st & 2nd: Patients who have received a link to book in, but have not booked.

Awaiting invite - 2nd: Patients who have had their 1st vaccination, and need to be invited for their 2nd vaccination

To manually book - 1st & 2nd: Patients who cannot be sent an SMS invite, and need to manually be booked in

Cancelled: Patients who have had their invitation cancelled, and will need to be invited again to book. You can find out more about cancelled invites below. ๐Ÿ‘‡

Declined: Patients who have indicated they don't want to book their vaccinations.

Already invited: Patients who were already invited to have the vaccine in a previous batch that has been uploaded.

Had both: Patients who have had their 1st and 2nd vaccinations

To see all patients invited by other practices in your group, deselect the Filter to my practice checkbox under the 'Sent invites' heading.

How do I find a specific patient in my sent invites?

You will see a search bar on the top left hand side of the page under the 'Sent invites' heading.

Selecting details reveals who uploaded the CSV file, and when.

How do I manually book in a patient?

The screenshot below shows how to manually book a patient ๐Ÿ‘‡ once they've been uploaded. This will take you through the booking flow for the appointment. If you haven't put a mobile number in the CSV for the patient, make sure they know the date and times of their appointment as they won't receive an SMS message with the confirmation.

How do I cancel an invite?

To cancel a whole clinic, see our help article here
To cancel an individual appointment, please see instructions further down this page

To stop a sent invite being available to a patient, select More and Cancel invite

You will then see a window that says 'Are you sure you want to cancel this invite?'. Click 'Cancel invite' to proceed.

The patient will then show up on the list with a blue 'Cancelled' badge next to their name.

To resend an invite to the patient, you will need to add them to a new CSV upload, the same way you did when you initially invited the patient.

How do I cancel a booked appointment?

To do this, find the patient whose appointment you would like to cancel. Click 'Manage appointments'.

The following window will come up:

If you are happy with the details and have selected 'Continue', you will have the option to 'Allow the patient to rebook' or 'Do not let patients rebook until they're sent a new invite'.

If you choose 'Allow the patient to rebook' the patient will move back to an 'Awaiting response - 1st' or 'To Manually book - 1st', state, depending on what their original pre-booked status was.

If you choose 'Do not let patients rebook until they're sent a new invite' the patient will move to a 'Cancelled' state.

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