You can create a new template message directly when messaging patients, which will be available for you right away. Here's how 👇

🔔 Please note that you will need to be an approved member of the organisation to make your own SMS templates on accuRx Web. If you need some help with this then please get in touch with the accuRx support team. 🔔

Hint: accuRx will automatically include the greeting and sign off, so no need for you to add those!

How to manage my templates?

Click on "Manage templates" on the top of your accuRx Web window 👇

Here you can then edit or delete a template 👇

As well as create a new template by clicking on "Create a new template" 👇

A video demo here of how to use SMS templates:

If you have any questions, chat with our support team here! 👉

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