This article is for you if:

  1. You’ve already enabled in EMAS manager (you can see how to do that here)

  2. You are unable to attach documents from EMIS

  3. Others in your practice can

This is caused by having multiple User Role Profiles in EMIS. This article covers how to make changes to ‘User Role Profiles’ to allow users to attach items from the documents section of EMIS to SMS and email.

If you are unsure how to attach and send documents directly from the patient record using accuRx or no one at your practice is able to attach documents from EMIS, please see here.

If you are trying to attach a document from EMIS and can see the attach from EMIS option but are seeing an error message which says ‘Could not connect to EMIS GPSoC to get attachments’ then please try the following change.

1. Open EMIS

2. Click Configuration

3. Click Organisation Configuration

Please note: not all EMIS profiles will have access to these settings. If you don’t see these options, please ask your manager to follow these steps on your behalf.

4. Find the user having the issue attaching documents either via search or from the folder view . Double click on the user to open their profile or select user and click Edit User in the top left corner of the screen.

5. Select User Role Profiles from the left hand column

6. Tick the box to make a User Role Profile with an SDS Role Code the default. (As highlighted in the image below). Then click OK to save the change.

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