Accurx Desktop Inbox: How can I keep my Inbox tidy? (Mark as "done")

When you are done with a message, mark it as "Done" (you can still find this in the "Done" folder)

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In order to help keep your inbox clear and uncluttered, you can mark completed items as "Done" within the Inbox.

There are two ways to mark something as done: either from the card preview in the central pane (in "My Inbox" or any of "My Teams") or from the bottom right corner of the selected conversation.

In order to remove the red notification for other users in your practice, the response/failed message, needs to be marked as "Done".

What happens once something has been marked as "Done", can I ever get it back?

When you mark something as "Done", this does not delete the item. You can go back and find this in the "Done" folder.

You can find the Done folder by opening the Inbox from the inbox icon on the toolbar.

You can view your own "Done" messages by clicking on "My Inbox" and then toggling to "Done."

Or you can view all the messages practice that have been marked as "Done" in the All folder by toggling to "Done".

You can re-open a message that has been marked as done. If you re-open a conversation from the "Done" folder, it will go back to the folder it was last assigned to (i.e. where it was marked as done from). If you can't find where a message is in the Inbox after re-opening it, you can always look in the "All" folder.

Do I need to mark a response as "unread" for other users?

Simply viewing a response to an SMS/Florey Survey or a Failed SMS message will not remove the red notification on the toolbar for other users in your practice if they were already set up to receive notifications for that particular type of response. E.g. If you click on a notification and view a response to an asthma questionnaire, any other members of the "Asthma Team" in your practice will still see the little red notification on their toolbar.

In order to remove the red notification for other users, the response/failed message, needs to be marked as "Done".

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