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Accurx Desktop Inbox: How to manage Florey responses in the inbox
Accurx Desktop Inbox: How to manage Florey responses in the inbox

What Inbox teams are and how to join/leave these teams

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All responses to Florey questionnaires sent out by the practice (such as for asthma, COPD, etc...), will come back to the Accurx Desktop Inbox and can be found in the Florey section on the associated folder for that condition (e.g. Asthma, COPD, etc.).

To find a Florey response, click on the Inbox icon on your Accurx Desktop toolbar and then click on the Florey section.


Since Florey questionnaires sent out by all users at the practice are grouped into the same place in the Inbox, we recommend that you mark any responses as "Done" by clicking the "Done" button once they have been actioned. This will make sure that everyone at the practice knows exactly what still needs to be handled.

More on Inbox Teams...

You will be automatically added to a particular condition's Florey folder, the first time you send a Florey to a patient for that condition.

For example, the first time you send an Asthma questionnaire, you'll automatically be added to the Asthma folder).

Being part of a folder means that you will be notified every time a new response comes into the practice for that particular survey type.

You can turn notifications on or off

If managing responses for a particular Florey condition is not part of your role, you can turn notification off. This means that you will no longer be notified anytime a patient replies to a questionnaire of that type.

If notifications are turned on, the folder will be listed as white under the Floreys section. If notifications are turned off, they will be grey. You can still access a Florey even if notifications are turned off.

Can I set up a custom folder or create my own team?

This isn't something we support right now but we will look at building this in the future.

How do I manage notification settings across folders for my practice?

If you are an Accurx admin you can manage who is in what team via the "Manage Organisation" page. Learn more here.

How can I see what teams everyone at my practice is part of?

Everyone can see who is part of which team via the "Manage Organisation" page. Learn more here.

Need more help understanding how inbox works? Check out our video guides! ๐Ÿ“บ

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