In order to use Accurx to text and video call patients, you'll need to have the little green Accurx toolbar on your screen. When the toolbar is ready for use it looks like this:

If you can't find the toolbar on your desktop or your toolbar doesn't look like this, try following some of the steps here...

I don't see the toolbar

I'm a new user

There's a couple of steps to take to set yourself up with Accurx if you haven't already done them:
1. Install Accurx on each PC that you'd like to use it on
2. For EMIS practices only, someone in the practice with EMAS Manager privileges will need to activate you in EMAS manager
3. Create your own account
4. Log in and connect to EMIS/SystmOne

I am an existing user

Accurx hasn't been downloaded on my current PC

You can download Accurx onto a new PC by clicking here!

Accurx has already been downloaded on my PC

1. Minimise any programmes and check if you have this desktop icon:

If you have this icon, double click on it to see if the toolbar launches. If the toolbar doesn't launch - try these steps!

If you don't have this icon, continue to step 2...

2. Try searching for "Accurx" in your start menu and launching it from there. If you can't find Accurx Desktop, move to step 3...

3. If you still can't find Accurx, try the these steps!

I see the toolbar but...

It looks like this:

This is what the toolbar looks like if no user is logged into Accurx Desktop. If you click on the orange person icon on the right, you can log into Accurx Desktop! πŸ˜„

It shows someone else's initials on the far right:

This just means someone else is logged into the toolbar. You can log them out easily by clicking on their initials on the right and then "logout" in the dropdown menu. Once they are logged out, you can login!

It may also be worth checking which name you have on your account. You can see this by clicking on the initials and seeing what comes up in the first option of the dropdown. To edit this, select that option - you will be taken to the "Manage your account" page πŸ‘

It is red or some of the icons are missing:

If you are missing the message icon or some of your toolbar is red:

  • Try these steps if you are at a practice that uses EMIS

  • Try these steps if you are at a practice that uses SystmOne

It has an amber exclamation mark on it:

We would expect the toolbar to look this the first time that you log in after signing up to use Accurx. This just means that you need your Accurx account needs approval by the Accurx admin at your practice. You will still be able to send texts and do video consultations as an unapproved member. This article explains how you can get your account approved.

Still having trouble? Please chat to us by clicking the green message icon in the bottom right corner of this page so that we can help get you sorted. 😊 πŸ‘‰

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