You can attach up to 20 MB of attachments to your emails, from your desktop or directly from your clinical system (EMIS/S1).

When sending an email, to add an attachment click on "Attach" as shown 👇

If you're attaching from:

  • Desktop: Click on "From Desktop" that will open your file browser and you can select the document to attach.

  • Clinical System: You can choose documents that are saved to the patient record to attach. This option is only valid for patients with a valid NHS number.

I can't attach from EMIS Web?

EMIS Web users must turn on the GPSoC integration to activate attachment uploads directly from EMIS. Practices must be running Windows 10 for this to work.

To turn on the attachments from EMIS functionality:

  1. Open EMIS 

  2. Navigate to System Tools 

  3. Click on EMAS Manager 

  4. Click on Partner API 

  5. Select from the list 

  6. Click activate application. (If already activated please click deactivate then activate)

You should now see the ‘attach documents from EMIS’ option appear below the message box. 🎉

If not, please come chat with us, by clicking on the green icon on the bottom right 👉

Why do I need to turn on GPSoC to upload documents from EMIS?

accuRx is an approved partner API for EMIS Web. The GPSoC framework allows accuRx to interface with the EMIS Web clinical system and needs to be turned on in order to activate the application and share attachments saved in the patient record.

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