Accurx Desktop Inbox: How can I assign a message to a colleague?

Need a teammate to take a look at a message? Assign them a message to bring it to their attention!

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You can assign a message to a colleague or another team by selecting their name from the "Assign" section at the bottom of the message. You can also add a comment.

When you assign a message, it will disappear from that place in the inbox and move to where you assigned it to. If you have assigned a message to a colleague, they will receive a notification that they have been assigned a message and the message will appear in their "My Inbox".

If you accidentally assigned a message to the wrong person or Team, you can find the message by going to the "All" folder.

How will I know that someone has assigned a message to me?

You will get a red notification on your toolbar and a pop-up message like this:

Can I set up rules or automations?

This isn't something we support with the current Inbox but it might be something that we look at in future.

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