If a patient has already been sent a Florey survey of a particular type within the last 7 days, you'll see this error which prevents you from sending the survey:

If you see this, this means someone at your practice has already sent them a survey - in the above case, a Flu Invite - within the last 7 days. After 7 days the survey times out and you'd no longer see this error. 

To check the history of messages to the patient, open the patient in EMIS/S1, click on the Inbox icon from the accuRx Desktop toolbar, and select the patient's name from the left-hand pane under "Current EMIS Web Patient" / "Current SystmOne Patient."

You should also be able to check in the patient's record. 

How to send the same Florey survey to a patient when 'the patient is already enrolled in this condition'

A Florey survey enrolment period ends after the patient has completed the survey or after 7 days, depending on which happens first. 

Sometimes you might need to send another of the same Florey survey type to a patient before the enrolment period ends. For example, the patient might ask for the Florey survey to be sent to a different number. When you try to send another of the same Florey survey type, you will see the message - 'this patient is already enrolled in this condition'.

You can still send the patient the link to the previous Florey survey. 

To do this:

1. Select the patient in EMIS/S1 and click on the inbox icon on the accuRx Desktop toolbar.

2. Click on the patient's name under "Current EMIS Web Patient" / "Current SystmOne Patient"

3. Scroll down to the "Done" section of the patient's inbox and find the text with the previous Florey Survey link.

4. Highlight the message text and copy it.

5. Return to the SMS view (click on the message icon on the accuRx Desktop toolbar) and paste the message into a regular (non-Florey) text to the patient. Then, click the blue "send and save" button. 😊 

Please chat to us if you have any questions! 👉 

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