Initial text message to patient:

General invite code: Influenza vaccination invitation short message service text message sent - 711301000000108

Our records show that you are due for your free flu vaccine. Please ring reception to book in.

If you don't want one, or have already received it elsewhere please let us know so that we can stop sending you invites - this can be done via the link below. You need internet on your phone (otherwise use a computer or contact reception).

Question 1: What is your date of birth?

  • Day Month Year

Question 2:  Our records show you are due for your flu vaccination. Would you like to have this at the surgery?

  • Yes

  • No - Seasonal influenza vaccination declined - 822931000000100

  • I have already had one at another location - Seasonal influenza vaccination given by other healthcare provider 955651000000100

Question 3b (if answered no)

Can you tell us more about why you are declining the vaccine?

[Free text response]

Question 3c (if answered 'already had one at another location')

Can you tell us when and where you had the vaccination so we can update your records?

[Free text response]

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