How to set up Accurx Desktop

Setting up Accurx Desktop at your EMIS or SystmOne organisation

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One of the most common questions we get asked is how do I get Accurx Desktop up and running. The best way to do this will depend on your individual circumstances however here's a general approach we've found has worked well for a lot of organisations. (Please note: Accurx Desktop is only currently available for organisations using EMIS Web, SystmOne and Vision)

Step 1 - Set up Accurx Desktop for yourself and send a text to a test patient

Open the Get Accurx Desktop guide and follow the appropriate path for either EMIS or SystmOne. This will take you through downloading the software, installing onto your computer and creating an account for Accurx Desktop.

Once you have installed and setup Accurx Desktop, you can try out the product by sending a text to a test patient (e.g. many organisations have a test patient called Mickey Mouse). If you specify your own mobile number, you can then see what a patient would see when they are sent a text through Accurx Desktop.

Step 2 - Install for all staff

To install for users in your organisation, please follow the guide here.

Step 3 - Join our community group to learn from other organisations

You can join are community group to learn from others and look out for the monthly email which has tips about using Accurx Desktop SMS.

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