Problems saving to EMIS Web record

What to check if your texts aren't saving in EMIS

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You may see this message appear when you try to save a text to EMIS:

EMIS have a standard time and date setting that your PC must use in order to be able to save messages sent by Accurx Desktop to the medical record.

So, it's often worth checking your time and date settings on the PC are set to the setting that EMIS needs to save messages to record.

You can check your time and date settings by following the steps below 👇:

1. Right-click on the time in the bottom-right of the screen and select “Adjust Date/Time”

2. A window will open, here click on “Date, time & regional formatting”

3. Click on “Change data formats”

4. Under “Short date” , check that the option dd/MM/yyyy is selected. Or, if a date is showing, make sure the option that follows the format dd/MM/yyyy is selected.

Important note: the date format must take the form dd/MM/yyyy. No other similar formats are supported. E.g dd-MMM-yy

5. Restart your PC for the settings to apply. Then, you should be good to go! 🙂

Can't see dd/MM/yyyy as an option?

  1. After step 2 above, click on "Additional date, time & regional settings".

2. Click "Change date, time or number formats"

3. Make sure the Format is "English (United Kingdom)" and the Short date format is dd/MM/yyyy

4. Once you've changed the date format to the correct format, you'll then need to restart your PC for the settings to apply.

If you are still having problems after trying these things, please do chat to us so that we can help using the green message bubble! 👉

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