Chain will update itself regularly, but sometimes if you want to get certain updates or features you can force it to.

Upgrading your Chain to get latest updates

1. On your Chain toolbar, click the person icon or your initials and then click 'About'

2. In 'About', if an update is available you should see the option 'Upgrade Now'. Click this. If it is not available you are up to date!


Refreshing to get a feature (e.g. custom templates)

1. On your Chain toolbar, click your initials or the person icon and click 'Settings'

2. In here click 'Refresh from server'

I'm still having problems after trying to upgrade Chain

Some practices find they have trouble getting our updates using the steps above.

We've built a tool called our Utility tool which does a full repair and will bring in the latest version of the toolbar. You can run it following these steps, and it should get you sorted!

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