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Self-Book: How to set-up new Slot types in Systmone
Self-Book: How to set-up new Slot types in Systmone

This article gives a brief overview how to set-up your appointment book with new slot types in Systmone

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Why do I need to set up new slot types?

Self-Book does not require you to set up new slot types but you may wish to if your practice does not use designated slots for certain appointment types.

For example, if you have a slot type that is used for different appointment types e.g. nurse appointments that could be a BP review appointment, smear test or a contraceptive pill review; it may be harder to keep track of which patients have booked in for what type of appointment.

However, if you already have designated slots for certain appointment types e.g.
Flu vaccinations, Smear tests, Blood tests, Asthma reviews, etc you can just use Self-Book with those slot types you already use. 😊

How do I set-up a new slot type in Systmone?

  1. Go to the appointment book

  2. Click on "Setup" and then "Organisation Prefences"

  3. Click on "Slot Types"

  4. Then click on "New Slot Type" at the top left-hand corner πŸ‘‡

  5. Name the new slot type and click "Ok"

Once you have set up this new slot type, you will need to add "FLU VACCINES" slots into your appointment book.

You can add these wherever you are happy to allow patients to book in their flu vaccines.

If you'd like to test Self-Book, you can manually add this slot type into one of your existing sessions.

⚠️ Things to consider when setting up your appointment book:

  • Patients will not see which clinician they are booking their appointment with.

  • The slot type should be added into the appointment book within the next 6 weeks in order for Self-Book to detect it

  • If you have recently added a new slot type into EMIS/Systmone it may take up to 24 hours for this slot type to show. Once you have sent out a self-book link, for the 7 days this link is active we will search your appointment book every 30 minutes! πŸ’‘

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