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Showing the end-to-end flow of the Medication Review questionnaire using screenshots

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What does this Florey do?

The Accurx medication review Florey allows the sending of an online questionnaire to patients to collect information in regard to their medication in order to facilitate the review of their treatment (medication review).

The questionnaire link is sent via SMS or email. The patient fills in the questionnaire through a browser so can use their phone, tablet, laptop or desktop to complete it.

The responses are returned to the practice and can be saved directly into the clinical record (EMIS or SystmOne) as a coded entry. The responses can have additional notes added, be assigned to other colleagues and be marked as urgent.

What does it look like for the clinician and patient?

Clinician view of sending a Florey questionnaire πŸ‘‡

Accurx green toolbar floating above EMIS

Accurx green toolbar floating above SystmOne

The Florey compose screen for clinicians πŸ‘‡

They can edit the SMS message if required.

Patient's perspective of viewing and completing a Florey questionnaire πŸ‘‡


1. Do you understand the reason why you are taking each of your medications?

  • Yes

  • No

2. Which medications are you unsure as to why they have been prescribed?

  • Enter Text

3. Do you understand how to take each of your medications?

  • Yes

  • No

4. Please list the medications you are unsure how to take

  • Enter Text

5. Do you find it easy to take each of your medications?

(For example, you are able to press the canister down on your inhaler or you can easily swallow the tablets)

  • Yes

  • No

6. Please describe the difficulties or barriers in taking your medication

  • Enter Text

7. Are you currently taking each of your medications as they are prescribed on the label?

  • Yes

  • No

  • Sometimes

8. Which of your medications are you taking differently to how they were prescribed?

  • Enter Text

9. It is sometimes difficult to remember to take medication. At times do you forget to take any of your medications?

  • Yes

  • No

  • Sometimes

10. Please list the medications which you might sometimes forget to take

  • Enter Text

11. Do you get any side effects from the medication you are taking?

  • Yes

  • No

12. Please list these medications and any side effects you may be experiencing from them

  • Enter text

13. If you take any other medications (including supplements or herbal remedies) that have not been prescribed, please list them here:

  • Enter text

14. Do you manage your own medication?

(Rather than, for example, a family member, friend or carer managing your medications?)

  • Yes

  • No

15. Please list any medications you feel you no longer need

  • Enter text

16. What is your smoking status?

  • Current Smoker

  • Ex-smoker

  • Never Smoked

17. How much do you smoke? or How much did you smoke?

  • <1 cigarette or equivalent per day

  • 1-9 cigarettes or equivalent per day

  • 10-19 cigarettes or equivalent per day

  • 20-39 cigarettes or equivalent per day

  • 40+ cigarettes or equivalent per day

18. How many years did you smoke for?

  • Enter text

19. Are you able to provide a blood pressure reading?

(As part of a medication review, it is useful to have an up-to-date blood pressure reading.)

  • Yes

  • No

20. Are you able to provide a weight and height reading?

  • Yes, both

  • Weight Only

  • Height Only

  • No

21. Please enter your weight in kilograms.

(If you only know your weight in stone and pounds, please use the converter here)

  • Enter the number in kg

22. Please enter your height in metres.

(If you only know your height in feet and inches, please use the converter here)

  • Enter the number in metres

23. Do you have any other concerns relating to any of your medications?

  • Enter text

When they have submitted their answers they will be thanked for completing the survey and sent a confirmation SMS πŸ‘‡

Clinician view of the Medication Review Questionnaire response

A red notification indicating a patient response has arrived

Inbox view showing a medication review response for a patient

Updated entry showing when the response was saved to record and by whom.

Users can add internal notes for colleagues relating to the patient response

Users can mark a response as urgent

Users can assign the response to a different team.

SNOMED codes added on response

The codes added are in bold and italics

Patient understands why taking all medication (finding) - 408363009
Drug side effects checked (finding) - 408356009
Drug compliance checked (finding) - 408373006

If able to complete BP at home:
Blood pressure recorded by the patient at home 413153004

Systolic arterial pressure - 72313002

Diastolic arterial pressure - 1091811000000102

If able to complete weight and height:
Body weight (observable entity) - 27113001
Standing height (observable entity) - 248333004
Body mass index (observable entity) - 60621009

If selected "current smoker":
Smoker (finding) - 77176002
Trivial cigarette smoker (less than one cigarette/day) (finding) - 266920004
Light cigarette smoker (1-9 cigs/day) (finding) - 160603005
Moderate cigarette smoker (10-19 cigs/day) (finding) - 160604004
Heavy cigarette smoker (20-39 cigs/day) (finding) - 160605003
Very heavy cigarette smoker (40+ cigs/day) (finding) - 160606002

If selected "ex-smoker":

Ex-smoker (finding) - 8517006
Ex-trivial cigarette smoker (<1/day) (finding) - 266921000
Ex-light cigarette smoker (1-9/day) (finding) - 266922007
Ex-moderate cigarette smoker (10-19/day) (finding) - 266923002
Ex-heavy cigarette smoker (20-39/day) (finding) - 266924008
Ex-very heavy cigarette smoker (40+/day) (finding) - 266925009

If selected "never smoked":

Never smoked - 266919005

Additional SNOMED codes:

Finding of tobacco smoking behaviour - 365981007

If selected "current smoker":

Smoking cessation advice - 225323000

Current smoker annual review - 505651000000103

If selected "ex-smoker":

Ex-smoker annual review - 505761000000105

If selected "never smoked":

Non-smoker annual review - 505681000000109


Why do you not include the 'Medication review' SNOMED code?

We don't add this code as the medication review isn't completed through the questionnaire alone. Review of the information by a clinician is required, who will then make a decision on the correct course of action.

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