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Florey: Pulse Oximetry Questionnaire

Showing the end-to-end flow of the Pulse Oximetry Florey questionnaire using screenshots

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What does this Florey do?

The Accurx Pulse Oximetry Questionnaire collects the patient's pulse and oxygen saturation readings.

The questionnaire link is sent via SMS or email. The patient fills the questionnaire in through a browser so can use their phone, tablet, laptop or desktop to complete it.

The responses are returned to the Inbox and can be saved directly into the clinical record (EMIS, SystmOne or Vision) as a coded entry. The responses can have additional notes added, be assigned to other colleagues and be marked as urgent.

The questionnaire can be sent to the patient as a one-off questionnaire and then provides the clinician with the raw information.

What does it look like for the clinician and patient?

Clinician view of sending a Florey questionnaire πŸ‘‡

Accurx green toolbar floating above EMIS

Accurx green toolbar floating above SystmOne

The Florey compose screen for clinicians πŸ‘‡

They can edit the SMS message if required.

Patient's perspective of viewing and completing a Florey questionnaire πŸ‘‡

Clinician view of the Pulse oximetry Florey Questionnaire response

A red notification indicating a patient response has arrived

Inbox view showing a Pulse Oximetry Florey response for patient Micky Mouse

Updated entry showing when the response was saved to record and by whom.

Users can add internal notes for colleagues relating to the patient response

Users can mark a response as urgent

Users can assign the response to a different team


Baseline SPO2 (oxygen saturation at periphery (Concept ID: 927981000000106)

Pulse rate (Concept ID: 78564009)

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