What is Self-Book?

Self-Book aims to save practices time by reducing the manual steps involved in booking patients into telephone appointments.

Using Self-Book, practices can choose which patients require face-to-face or telephone appointment and send these patients a unique link via text.

If a practice invites a patient to book a telephone appointment, the patient will be able to choose a time window that they are available (AM or PM) and, once chosen, they are booked directly into the practice’s appointment book without the need for the patient to call the surgery 🙌

How does Self-Book for telephone appointments work?

1. When sending a text message to a patient with Accurx, practices will have the option to add a booking link for the patient to use to book their own appointment.

When adding the booking link, they will be asked to choose which slot type that they would like the link to book the patient into.

2. Invited patients receive a text message with a unique (and one use only) link. Once they click on their link, they can choose a time window and date that they are available for their telephone appointment (up to 6 weeks in the future).

3. Patients are automatically booked into one of the chosen slot types in EMIS or SystmOne. (Note: patients are are not given the exact time for the appointment, just whether the appointment is between 8:30am and 1:00pm or between 2:00pm and 6:00pm)

Self-Book for telephone appointments FAQs

What type of telephone appointments can I use this for?

We would recommend using Self-Book for routine telephone appointments. Please note that patients can’t book appointments that are on the same day as they are sent an invite.

Can I use Self-Book for face-to-face appointments?

Yes, find out how you can do this here 😉

How long does the link last?

The link lasts for 48 hours

Can patients reuse the link to book a different appointment?

Patients cannot use the link to book more than one appointment.

Will the patient be able to see which clinician they are booking with?

This isn't something that will be available right now but we may consider adding this in future based on the feedback we receive.

Do I need to make my slot types available for Patient Facing Services? (e.g. Patient Access)

Self-Book works differently to Patient Access. You do not need to make appointments available for online booking. With Self-Book, only specific patients that are sent a booking link by the practice will be able to book into the chosen slot type.

Got more questions?

Find the rest of our FAQs here 😄

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