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Accumail: Editing contacts in the Desktop directory
Accumail: Editing contacts in the Desktop directory

This article describes how to edit contacts in the Accumail directory for yourself, your colleagues & the wider community

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Editing global contact info:

While some of your ICS's new directory has been curated for you, the new Accumail directory intends to follow a 'crowd-sourcing' type model that allows all users within each ICS to edit and add contacts in the directory to make sure they are all kept accurate, up to date and at their most useful!

If any of the contact's details are incorrect or could be improved, you can change this yourself for all users who can see the contact.

Locate the contact in your Directory by selecting the directory tile on your toolbar:

Locate the contact using the search.

  • open the details card of the contact in question

  • click the 'Edit' button in the bottom right

From here you can then edit the Display Name, Organisation and Service that describes this contact from a list of possible options. You can also add extra notes.

(If there is a service or organisation missing from this list that should be included, please reach out to to have this added to the list of options.)

โš ๏ธ At the moment, an email address can't be changed, for a new email, please remove the wrong email instead and add the new email as a new contact.

You can then press 'Save changes' to save these changes to the contact, and update this information for all users in your network.

Changes of information about the contact are only viewable by your practice, leaving you free to name the contact however you and your colleagues feel is best for you - no other practices or users will be affected by any changes you make to these.

We hope you find the new Accumail directory useful and easy to use!

As always, if you have any questions or feedback please get in touch using our live chat in the bottom right or send us an email to ๐Ÿ˜Š

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