Note: the new accuMail directory is being rolled out to select areas at first, before being released to further areas in the near future. If you do not currently see the functionality described below this just means this may not have been released to your area quite yet 😊

Layout of the directory:

Each contact now has a number of properties attached to them along with their email address:

  • a 'Display name' which can be customised just for your practice so you can describe each contact however you would like

  • a 'Service' and 'Organisation' that are linked to the contact for all users with access to the directory

  • 'Notes' on each contact for yourself and your colleagues. Here you can enter some quick pieces of info related to that contact that may describe the contact a little more or be useful for future contact with them. πŸ“ƒ

Contacts in the directory are now arranged under headings according to the 'Service' that is attributed to that contact. πŸ‘‡

Selecting a contact:

  • To select a contact, simply find it by scrolling or searching, and click on the contact's name 😊

  • This will pull the email address of the selected contact into the 'Send to' box. πŸ‘‡

Viewing contact details:

  • You can also click on the 'See details' button to open a details card for the contact that displays every piece of information attached to the contact.

  • This will show the 'Description' of the contact containing the 'Display name' and 'Notes' as well as their full contact details.

❗ You can edit any of this information to make it more accurate and useful, click here to find out how πŸ‘ˆ

Searching the new directory:

Searching through your directory is now easier than ever before! Every term attached to your contact is searchable, so you can search by any part of the contact name or email address, as well as by their associated service or organisation.

This means that to quickly access the example contact above, you could search any of the following terms;

  • the service 'Cardiology'

  • the organisation 'Barts'

  • any part of the display name 'Barts', 'Arrhythmia' or 'Nurses'.

We hope you find the new accuMail directory useful and easy to use!

As always, if you have any questions or feedback please get in touch using our live chat in the bottom right or send us an email to 😊

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