What is the accuRx Public Roadmap?

This Roadmap includes a list of what the product teams are currently working on or thinking about working on. At accuRx we like to be as transparent as possible with our users which is why we have made the Roadmap public.

🔔 You can access our Public Roadmap by clicking on this link here 👈

This link will lead you to our Trello Board which helps us to organise and manage our work and priorities. You will see several columns that explain the current status of our features, these include:

  • Available 🎉

  • Working on Now 🙌

  • Up next 👍

  • Researching 🔍

  • Stopped working on 🔴

🎤 Voice your opinion 🎤

On this roadmap, you have the opportunity to vote on the features that you would most like to see the product teams build next. Please click on the thumbs-up icon on the Trello cards and we will consider your votes when we next prioritise our work. 💪

If you have any questions about this or any other queries, please click on the chat bubble at the bottom right-hand corner and one of the support team will be happy to help you. 😄

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