A Florey allows you to send a questionnaire out to patients to gather data. The BMI Questionnaire Florey is used to help gather data on a patient's weight and height. The information will be coded along with a BMI.

This article details what questions are asked and which SNOMED codes are added.


Enrolment SMS

Hi/Dear NAME,

I'd like you to complete some questions about your health via the link below.

Thanks, SIGN-OFF

Please follow this link (link will autogenerate here).
You need internet on your phone (otherwise you can open the link on a computer or contact reception).

First page of questionnaire


Your GP would like to gather some up to date information about some aspects of your health. It should take no longer than three minutes to complete. The questions many mention any long-term conditions that you have.

Are you happy to proceed?

This survey is operated by accuRx.


What is your date of birth?
Example 8 12 1988


1. Please enter your weight in kilograms.

If you only know your weight in stone and pounds, please use the converter here.

2. Please enter your height in metres.

If you only know your height in feet and inches, please use the converter here.

SNOMED codes added

O/E - height 162755006

O/E - weight 162763007

Body Mass Index 60621009

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