AccuBook: How to create a CSV file in SystmOne to invite patients for vaccinations

How to create a CSV file in SystmOne to upload into accuBook

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Find out how to save a list in SystmOne as a CSV file, and upload it to accuBook, to invite patients.

  1. Create the list of patients you would like to invite in SystmOne

  2. If the list of patients does not include their "Mobile number" or "Contact number" or "Preferred telephone number" you will need to add this as follows:

    • Select 'Breakdown results', select 'Demographics' on the left-hand side

    • Make sure that "Mobile number" or "Contact number" or "Preferred contact number" is ticked

    • Select 'Refresh' at the top of the list.

  3. Right-click on the list, and select 'Save as CSV'. Save the list with a suitable name.

    Note, you will need to select the 'Custom Format' date for DOB, as shown below:

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