What the patient sees

Once a patient receives their text and opens their link, they can choose to either learn more about the vaccines, continue to book their appointments, or to decline the invite, by clicking 'I don't want to book right now'.

Once a patient confirms they want to opt out, they then have to choose a reason for declining and enter more information if it's helpful. The reasons they can choose from are:

  • I've booked in elsewhere

  • I am currently too unwell - please ask again soon

  • I am currently pregnant or breastfeeding - please ask again soon

  • I've had an anaphylactic reaction to the COVID vaccine

  • I've had an anaphylactic reaction to parts of the vaccine

  • I don't want the vaccine

  • Something else

❗️Please note that only the following reasons will be recorded onto the medical record: 'I've had an anaphylactic reaction to the COVID vaccine,' 'I've had an anaphylactic reaction to parts of the vaccine' and 'I don't want the vaccine.' ❗️

Once they've submitted, they then see a confirmation screen.

What the practice sees

Once this happens, the practice can see this information from the 'All patients invited' page. For more information about how to navigate to this page, you can read this article.

For any declined patient, you can click on the "Details" dropdown and expand the details view, and view the reason & notes that the patient has added.

You can also 'reset' a patient from a declined state. For example, if the patient declined not knowing it would prevent them from being invited again, or if you've talked to them on the phone about it and they've changed their mind.

Once you click 'reset' this patient will be moved to the 'cancelled' status. This patient can then be uploaded and invited again to receive an invite.

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