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As you start to receive a growing amount of communication into the Accurx Desktop Inbox, distinguishing what's a priority, and what can wait, becomes increasingly important.

To help you organise your conversations we've made it possible to mark conversations as urgent. Conversation's that are marked as urgent move to the top of the list of conversations and display with a red flag, this makes it easy to spot what needs dealing with now.

How to mark a conversation as urgent:

  1. Open the conversation from the middle panel

  2. Click on "Mark urgent" in the top right of the patient demographic header

  3. This conversation should now display as urgent

What happens when I mark as urgent?

  1. The conversation moves to the top of the folder

  2. A red flag appears on the conversation preview

  3. How to remove urgent flag: click on "Mark not urgent" in the top right of the patient demographic header

  4. This conversation should now display as normal

What happens once I remove the urgent flag?

  1. The conversation stays at the top of the conversations list as it has the most recent activity

  2. You can see a full audit trail of all the changes that happened to the conversation (who marked it as urgent/when they did it)

The best ways to use this feature:

  • We recommend keeping the list of conversations marked as urgent as short as possible. If you have too many urgent conversations, knowing which are actually urgent, and which are just important, will be a lot harder.

  • When you've finished a conversation, keep the inbox tidy by marking the conversation as "Done".

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