From July 2020, in order to use accuRx, you will need to have updated your settings. By making this change, the first new feature you will get access to is the ability to add attachments to an SMS directly from EMIS.

These steps only need taken once by someone in the practice with access to EMAS manager.

To update your settings:

1) Open EMIS

3) Go to ‘System Tools’ then ‘EMAS Manager

4) Click ‘Partner API

5) Click ‘’ from the list

6) Click ‘Activate Application’ (If already activated please click deactivate then activate)

Note: you will not need to adjust any settings in Edit Users or Login Access.

That's it! You should now be able to attach documents from EMIS. 😁 ✔️

If you can not attach documents directly from EMIS after following these steps, please chat with our support team by clicking on the message bubble in the right hand corner of this page! 😀 👉

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