To enable Accurx Desktop to work with SystmOne, Accurx must be approved as a device. This normally happens when a user logs into SystmOne for the first time after installing Accurx Desktop as explained here. If this doesn't happen, an error message will appear in the toolbar:

To fix this:

  1. In SystmOne, click 'Setup' in the blue ribbon along the top of the window. Then, click 'Mobile Working & Integration' followed by 'Device Manager'

2. Click the arrow head next to 'Blocked' to view a list of blocked device instances.

In the screenshot below, only one instance of a blocked device is in this list highlighted in blue- 'Accurx (v1.0), 29 Oct 2019 14:11'. Please note your list might be a lot longer.

3. To find the instance which relates to your account, click on the 'Accurx' instances in the list of Blocked devices and check the details that load on the right.

You want to find the instance which has your name in the 'Approved/Blocked by' field.

4. One you have found the correct instance, click 'Approve Device' to unblock Accurx for you in SystmOne.

If you are still experiencing problems, please click the chat button on the right below to talk to someone. 😊

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