Here's 3 things that can cause your toolbar to be red with the solution steps 😊

If you've used Accurx Desktop to send texts before at this practice, skip to step 3.

1) EMAS manager settings

There are parts in the EMAS manager steps that can be a bit misleading and are the most common ways to get caught out here. Please follow the steps in this article to complete the correct settings to allow us to connect to EMIS.

In particular, make sure you've:

  • Selected 'Accurx Chain' (not Accurx or under Partner API for both Login access and Edit users

  • Sorted the names alphabetically, and if you see two or more of the account then tick the boxes for all of them. Some people have multiple EMIS accounts without realising, and it might be trying to connect to the wrong one - so ticking all the boxes is safest.

2) Organisation ID matching your EMIS code

Ensure that the Accurx settings are picking up the right EMIS CDB code to connect to. To check this go to the initials icon in the toolbar, then Settings, and here the Organisation ID should match the correct EMIS CDB. 🎉

3) A crashed EMIS process

If you have previously used Accurx Desktop before on this computer, this is the most common option.

Sometimes EMIS can crash on the computer, and leaves a process running hidden in the background, such that Accurx Desktop is struggling to reconnect.

The best way to clear any crashed EMIS processes is to switch your computer off completely and then switch it on again.

If you are still experiencing problems, please click the chat button below right to talk to someone. 😊

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