We have two products, accuRx Chain and accuRx Fleming. Chain is a downloaded application that integrates with the medical record directly, by pulling details from the current patient, and then writing to record any communication. Fleming is a standalone product based in a webpage which doesn't require integration, and allows you to search for a patient.

EMIS & SystmOne

accuRx Chain is our desktop based software that integrates with EMIS and SystmOne. To install for either of these systems click here.

Vision controls the use of accuRx for its practices. If you'd like to use accuRx, please email with the following details so we can start the process:

  • That you are an AEROS site and would like to get accuRx installed
  • Your practice's ODS code
  • Your practice's Vision number
  • Your practice's full address

Currently we can only support our integrated Vision product for AEROS sites in England. If you are a LAN site please click here.

In the meantime, you can use our standalone web product, Fleming, which allows you to text and call patients by searching for their NHS number🎉

We don't currently integrate with Microtest, but you can use our standalone web-based product, Fleming.

What about secondary care providers?
Secondary care providers also have access to our standalone web-based product Fleming and can log straight in using their NHSmail single sign on.

What if I'm an EMIS/SystmOne GP working remotely?
If you have EMIS or Chain on your PC, you can run Chain alongside it too. Chain also fully supports running in a remote desktop session. While neither EMIS nor SystmOne support RDS (also known as Terminal Services) with their partner API, VDI setups are supported. Otherwise you can login to our standalone web-based product Fleming.

What other NHS systems does accuRx integrate with?

  • Personal Demographic Service
  • NHS Login
  • NHSmail
  • NHS mail Single Sign-On
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