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Accurx Web: How to invite colleagues to your workspace
Accurx Web: How to invite colleagues to your workspace

How to invite new users to your workspace so you can easily communicate with patients and collaborate on tasks

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🌟 This feature is currently ONLY available for selected Organisations 🌟

We've now added the option for users to invite colleagues to their shared workspace. πŸŽ‰

This button can be found by clicking on Conversations > Assigned to > scrolling down through your teams to find Colleagues πŸ‘‡

'Invite New' section under 'Colleagues'

To invite your colleague to your workspace click "Invite new" which will take you to the Users page in Organisation settings.

Here, you can invite your colleagues by their NHS email address ( or to join your shared workspace so you can communicate and collaborate on tasks together.

Once you've sent your colleague an invite, they'll receive an email invite in their NHS mailbox prompting them to join your shared workspace. This includes a clickable link to accept the invitation that will automatically add them to the workspace.

Please note: this invite link is only valid for 30 days

Once your colleague has clicked on the invite link, they'll be taken to the Accurx Web log-in page which will prompt them to either login or create an account.

Signup page for Accurx Web

Once logged in, they will see this invitation page confirming the workspace they'll be joining and the colleague who invited them.

Once they've clicked "Join" they'll automatically become an approved member and will be able to start to easily communicate with patients and other healthcare professionals in your workspace. πŸ‘

Please see the demo below on how to invite a new user to your workspace πŸ‘‡

Video showing how to invite colleagues to the workspace

If you have any questions, please get in touch with our Support Team in the bottom right-hand corner ➑️

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