How to assign a message in accuMail

You are now able to assign any message that comes into your practice accuMail inbox to any registered Accurx user in your practice.

Messages in the Accurx inbox will have an "Assign" option which can be used to hand a message over to other members of the practice. Take a look at the clip below to see how Assignment works 👇

You can select the staff member from your practice that you wish to assign the message and this will automatically notify them of the new message in their accuMail inbox.

💡 Tip: You can type in the first two letters of their name (e.g for Walter, you can type "Wa") into the list to find staff members a little quicker when assigning messages.

The assigned recipient will receive a notification on their Accurx toolbar, the "Assigned to you" inbox tab, and the "All" view when opening up accuMail. 👇


Unassigned Messages

The "Unassigned" view in your inbox is for any inbound that hasn't been sent directly back to a particular user. Requests in this folder will have come in from other healthcare professionals.

You may also see the following banner appear in your "Unassigned" view to notify you that you can opt to switch on or off messages coming into this view 👇

If you don't have Accurx admin status for your practice and would like the notifications to be switched off for the "Unassigned folder" please contact your Practice Admin or reach out to the support team for further assistance.

Specific user roles will see the "Unassigned" folder by default.

Users with the following roles in their EPR system (EMIS or S1) will see these notifications appear by default.

  • Admin/Clinical Support Access Role

  • Community Administrator

  • Clerical Worker

  • Clerical Access Role

  • Health Professional Access Role

  • Manager

  • Medical Secretary

  • Medical Secretary Access Role

  • Receptionist

  • Receptionist Access Role

  • Secretary

  • Senior Administrator

  • Senior Manager

❗ If your practice has less than three users assigned to these roles below, everyone in the practice will receive notifications for the unassigned view until you have three members ticked under the "accuMail to assign" tickbox. This is to ensure that nothing is being missed in the "Unassigned folder" ❗

Users who do not have these roles can be enabled on the team's notification management page which only the Practice admin will have access to.

Users will need to be ticked under the "accuMail To Assign" to receive notifications.



If the practice admin hasn't enabled you in Team Notifications under the "accuMail to assign" then you will not receive notifications to the 'unassigned view'. You will continue to receive notifications for responses to messages that you have sent and messages that have been assigned to you.

Message responses and any messages that have been assigned to you from another user will always notify you that something has come into your "Assigned to you" view and the "All" view.

Notifications signify an unread message. When a user at the practice clicks into a message and clears the notification, this will not clear it for everyone in the practice unless it's 'marked as done'. You can retrieve a message that has been marked as done in the "All" view.

You will also be notified of any responses from any previous messages you were originally involved with in your "All" view.

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