We've changed the order in which you complete your batch messages. You will now be prompted to compose the message you're sending to the patients before you upload your list of patients to send it to.

Why have we made this change?

  1. To aid the discovery of features in batch messaging

  2. To enable us to do an estimation of the practice's capacity when they use Self-Book in Batch (coming soon 👀)

The Batch Messaging flow now looks like this 👇

Step 1: Select 'Send a batch message'

Step 2: Choose a batch type

Step 3: Write your message

Steps 4 and 5: Add and then review your patient list

Steps 6 and 7: Schedule/Stagger your message or choose to send the message now. Then review the message and send it

For more information on how to send Batch Messages please see this article 😊

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